The Decentraland Web3ffiliates Mansion/Ad Towers

Headquarters of Web3ffiliates will be a Mansion in Decentraland.
Prior to our first NFT drop, we will open the doors to our Affiliate Mansion in Decentraland. Why Decentraland? Because Decentraland is a fusion of the two most sought-after themes for current technology investors: the Metaverse and Web3. People buy and sell the app's custom currency - MANA - which already has a market value of $4.7 billion. As many as 600,000 people use the app each month which is why we think that Decentraland is the perfect place to showcase our concept.
Our Affiliate Mansion will be built on our own plot and consists of a total of 3 indoor floors and one rooftop terrace. Each floor will be accessible with Early Adopter NFT Tickets as well as some of our upcoming Referral Airdrop Tickets. The ground floor will be free to enter for everyone and will showcase the vision and idea of W3f. The upper floors will be community only floors.
Web3ffiliates Headquarter in Decentraland

Web3ffiliates AdTowers

Vision Concept of W3f AdTower