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Platform Launch

How should the W3f Plattform work?
Our platform will connect projects and affiliates in a decentralized way, fully transparent on the blockchain. As a web3 project owner, you can incentivize possible promoters and affiliates with W3f and encourage them to spread the word and bring more possible investors and participants into your project. Our goal with this whole project is to create a complete ecosystem.

Plattform Benefits:

  • Decentralized referrals
  • Guaranteed commissions for both (projects and investors)
  • User-governed network
  • Fully transparent on the blockchain
  • Web3 Wallet Connection
  • Traffic Source Audit
W3f holders will be able to connect to our dashboard with Web3 wallets. Our last objective is to create an ultra engaged community around our NFT collection and project. We want each member to become a proud shareholder and part of W3f.