Web2 advertising market is estimated to be worth 455 Billion USD per year, projected to grow rapidly to 655 Billion by 2024. The biggest problem of Web2 is centralization. It is no secret that most industries are highly centralised and Web2.0 Marketing is no exception. Most businesses need to rely on a third party - the middleman - to manage their referral program. Whenever there is a middleman, there are risks, such as: lack of transparency, fraud and added fees.
The team of W3f consists of Online Marketers, Smart Contract Developers and Designers with almost 10 years of professional experience. In order to solve all of the issues mentioned above, the W3f Team came up with the concept of W3f. Currently, there are no Web3 affiliation protocols anywhere around and the Metaverse Market is growing at an immense speed. We recently also saw that the NFT market remains resistant to the Crypto Market Drops.