DETF Token Launch

The W3f Token will be the very first Web3-DETF Token (Decentralized Exchange Traded Fund Token). Every W3f Early Adopter will be eligible to claim W3f Tokens upon the Token Launch. Holders from the second NFT Sale will be granted a discount in the Token ICO. We will publish a detailed Tokenomics structure after the successful Early Adopter NFT Pre Sale.

Whats the Purpose of the W3f Token?

The W3f token will be considered a DETF Token, traded on Decentralized Exchanges, value combined of all Partner Projects from Web3filliates. This means if you buy the W3f Token, then you automatically invest/participate in many different Projects. That way you spread the risk of losing your valued money in non successful projects. Our Token can be seen as Bridge between the Web2 Investing World and the Future of the Internet in Web3. In later stages, the W3f DETF Token will be also used as reward for Advertising in our AdTowers and in many upcoming collaborations. You will be also able to exchange the W3f Token for collectibles and rare wearables in different Metaverse. Stay tuned for more!