Early Adopter Sale

W3f will hold 2 NFT Presales. The first one is going to be considered as the early adopter sale in which 1500 NFTs will be randomly generated, with 3 NFTs allowed per wallet. Each NFT will be sold for 0.12 ETH. There will be 102 Gold, 499 Silver, and 888 Bronze Investor Tickets. Each of the early adopter NFTs will automatically turn the holder into a shareholder of the entire project. The difference lies in in the percentage of revenue that they will be given back. Our Whitelist Users will receive early access to our Referral-upon Mint tool, with the help of which they are able to generate Affiliate Commissions right upon the first NFT Mint. If they successfully shared their link 50 times, they will get our Super Rare Rainbow NFT which gets them 1 ETH directly in return back into their Wallet. The second NFT Drop will be held in Q3 2022 and will consider 4999 NFTs. Early Adopters will be able to generate referral commissions from the first and second drop. This means they will be able to get a combined revenue share of up to 50%. (Referral Commissions + Profit Share)