• How do I get Whitelisted?
  • Our Whitelist is still open - you can check all Info in our Discord Server.
  • Where will I be able to see my W3f NFT?
  • Once you have minted a W3f NFT. you will be able to see it by connecting your Wallet to OpenSea.
  • When is the early Adopter Sale?
  • The early Adopter Sale is scheduled for End of May.
  • How much will the Early Adopter NFTs Cost?
  • 1 NFT will cost 0.13 ETH
  • Is there a doxxed Team behind Web3ffiliates?
  • Yes! The Team behind W3f is doxxed and will be published after Presale on the Full Websites Team Section.
  • Im a Content Creator, where can I apply for collaboration?
  • Click on our Website in the right corner "Partnership" and follow the steps as described. One of our Content Specialists will reach out to you!
  • How many referrals can I generate for the Early Adopter Sale?
  • There is no limitation on referrals.
  • Can I buy more than 3 NFTs per Wallet?
  • No, since we want a broad-based community and this way even small investors have the same chances as Whales.