About the Project

Welcome to our Gitbook! Web3ffiliates is the Worlds first web3 Affiliate Network. We are your ticket into the Metaverse AD Industry. We are Redefining Marketing.
Online Advertising networks have emerged as an essential vehicle for monetizing the Internet. Hundreds of Web 2.0 ad networks have emerged over the past decade, each employing its own approach for monetizing the web. Web3ffiliates aims to become the first of its kind in the Web3 world. W3f is creating a decentralized solution for advertising by providing a protocol for affiliation in the metaverse. With the help of DAO Technology, the community becomes part of the decision making process.
W3f provides transparency, less fraud and reduced costs for all participants. The initial funding for the project will be done in an NFT ERC-721 Token Sale where lucky early buyers can become shareholders of the project. 35% of the following revenue will be shared among the early investors. Our main advantages are: elimination of middleman, no barriers of entry, small players can also become shareholders.
Last modified 1yr ago